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Envisioneering has been awarded three GSA Schedules based on thoroughly evaluated technical proposals and negotiated prices:

These three schedules are housed under a single GSA Corporate Contract umbrella for ease of use and administration. Using the contract ordering procedures, agencies issue either Labor Hour or Firm Fixed Price task orders for services directly with Envisioneering using our approved labor categories and ceiling rates. The contract may be used to provide all resources including personnel, management, supplies, services, materials, equipment, facilities and transportation necessary to provide a wide range of services and products as specified in each task order.

Features of our GSA Corporate Contract include:

  • Streamlined Ordering Process
  • No Announcement Required
  • Acquire Services Without Having to Seek Further Competition
  • Pre-Negotiated Fair and Reasonable Pricing
  • Fast Procurement Cycle

Using our contract and the associated schedules is efficient. Since we have already been qualified and our costs have been negotiated through a competitive process, the procurement time is significantly decreased. A complete copy of Envisioneering's GSA Schedule is available in the Envisioneering GSA Corp Contract Catalog and on the GSA Advantage! Web site.

For more information regarding the use of our GSA Schedules, contact us at 571-483-4128 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..