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Electro-optical Sensors and Systems

Envisioneering regularly designs and builds specialized electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) devices. In addition, we fabricate a wide range of prototype and hardened hardware for various customers. These include optical, electronic, and mechanical components, equipment, and systems. We offer extensive experience in performing test support tasks at numerous Government laboratories, ranges, and test sites. We have provided support to design and fabricate mechanical, electrical, electronic, optical, and computer hardware for land, air, and ship platforms.  

EO/IR threats traditionally are thought of as major detection and tracking devices designed to attack naval vessels, aircraft, and similar large targets. Today's counterinsurgency needs have added a new, smaller-scale dimension which Envisioneering has worked to address through optical augmentation/ counter surveillance systems that support the Army, Navy and Marines.

Current Clients

  • Naval Air Station North Island
  • Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach
  • Naval Surface Warfare Corona Division
  • Navy Munitions Command
  • Naval Air Station Patuxent River
  • Naval Directed Energy
  • Naval Research Laboratory
  • Naval Surface Warfare - Dahlgren

Current Customers

Night Stalkers Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO) Electromagnetic Railgun NRL NAVSEA DahlgrenONREXMRILux