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Countermeasure Systems

The Navy conducts numerous ongoing research and developmental efforts to better achieve and improve shipboard countermeasure effectiveness. For over 25 years we have successfully designed and implemented systems for the electronic warfare community. Envisioneering activities in this field span all aspects of the technology development process from preliminary exploitation efforts to operational testing of final countermeasure effectiveness. Such projects include many aspects of modern radio-frequency (RF) countermeasures approaches.

As threats become more sophisticated, the countermeasures must also progress, at both the component/system level and the system integration level. Envisioneering understands the extensive and interrelated elements that are necessary to carry out these programs, and is very capable of providing scientific and engineering support for the development and evaluation of countermeasure applications using radio frequency, infrared (to include near-IR and SWIR), optical and laser technologies.

Current Clients

  • Naval Surface Warfare Corona Division
  • Naval Air Station North Island
  • Naval Research Laboratory
  • Navy Munitions Command
  • Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach
  • Naval Surface Warfare - Dahlgren
  • Naval Directed Energy
  • Naval Air Station Patuxent River

Current Customers

Night Stalkers Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO) Electromagnetic Railgun NRL NAVSEA DahlgrenONREXMRILux