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Electronic Warfare Systems

Envisioneering has a long history of experience with naval tactical warfare applications.  As early as 1981, we published a report assessing EW techniques in support of system definition and testing against anti-ship cruise missiles. This technical support continues today with direct support to the surface electronic warfare improvement program (SEWIP), which is concerned with sophisticated changes to shipboard EW systems.  There are three broad aspects to achieving these improvement goals. The first is devising new or upgraded EW hardware and software that would contribute to better performance, especially against newly-discovered threats.

This encompasses both examining available intelligence, determining countermeasure design requirements and developing the new elements that best satisfy those requirements. The second is to create software models and focused physical testing to predict and/or evaluate particular aspects of the new RF elements.  In some cases such testing will require the creation of novel software or measurement tools.  Finally, testing the entire new EW suite in a laboratory/simulated environment, in the field and at-sea, are required. This latter stage of testing demonstrates whether the new suite is properly integrated with the ship's combat system and other essential elements.

Current Clients

  • Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach
  • Naval Air Station North Island
  • Naval Directed Energy
  • Naval Surface Warfare - Dahlgren
  • Navy Munitions Command
  • Naval Surface Warfare Corona Division
  • Naval Research Laboratory
  • Naval Air Station Patuxent River

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